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Photo sharing done right

Photo sharing
done right

We - Photojournalists, Rebels, Storytellers - can NOW be discovered with the respect we deserve.

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Blockchain Certification


Timestamped on 3 blockchains each time you share. You get your digital certificate with a QR code to prove originality and time of existence of your work. Be able to prove your photo existed and that it wasn’t manipulated since.

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Track your photos


No mercy for robbers. Check out if your photos are being used legally. We launch a procedure if not. No win, no fee!

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Editor In Chief

The Editor in Chief feature allows photographers & journalists to focus on their core strengths of reporting and analysis, while the AI generates drafts, offers suggestions, and provides feedback on the overall structure and coherence of the article. This saves time and helps us to create higher-quality content with greater ease.But no worries, it will never replace our guts, our soul, our style!


Because a story only exists once told. Each photo timestamped in blockchains are exposed in Andromak’s feed like in a Museum. Your photos, your credits, all of them certified. As a perpetual exhibition, you never lose your intellectual properties.

NFT Photo MarketPlace

With NFT Photography, you can own a unique piece of art that is verified on the blockchain, ensuring its authenticity and scarcity. Our curated collection of photographs features stunning images from some of the most talented photographers in the world.In addition to the joy of owning beautiful and unique works of art, NFT Photography also offers a potential for financial appreciation as a limited-edition asset in the rapidly growing world of digital art and collectibles.



Andromak is a place where storytelling matters most. Your darkroom, as before in old good times, abounds in films, photoshop scripts and brushes. An inspirational place to be you.

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Full of fancy features: Our Auto Tagging technology enables automatic assignment of relevant keywords to your photos. Follow your Goodfellas. Clean and classy galleries. Lightbox your favorite photos. And more to come…

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